Friday, August 29, 2014

My bedroom

Matt Wilson
Eng7 Period 2
My Bedroom

Here is my room. My room is filled with amazing treasures,from trophies to flags. The first thing you will see in my room is my Uncles Funeral flag. It is special to me because it was the American flag on my uncles Casket. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton California. He was riding his high powered street motorcycle that he had bought the week before. He was going around a corner, lost control, flipped off an overpass  and fell fifty-three feet. He was coming back from visiting his girlfriend, on his way back to camp. In two weeks, he would be deployed to Afghanistan for the first time. During the Funeral, it was taken off and was given to my father and me. My next treasure I will describe to you are my pictures of my uncle. Several of them were from his funeral board. One is in my wallet, the others are on my mirror dresser. Special objects mean a lot. But they mean a lot more when you barely knew the person. My dads biological dad was from Houston, Texas. I met him once before. Then he came up to Nebraska because his treatments for his Cancer were not going good. We went shopping and he bought me a lava lamp. It is ocean blue and blood red.
Next up are my great grandpas golf trophies. Each one is from first place to fourth place. He was an amazing golfer. One is black, another is gold, another is red and so on. They are special to me because he passed away five years ago. He was a WW2 veteran. Next is my amazing Praying Mantis terrarium. I took good care of my Mantis last year because she lived up to 2 3/4 months past the time they die in the wild! She lived that long because I took such good care of her and fed her enough food and she had a good habitat. I named her Mother, because she liked moths and was a girl. I recently caught another one. It has tan arms and a green body. It sits at the top of its terrarium, awaiting his next meal. Last but not least, my challenge coin. My uncles friend down in Houston,Texas is a cop in a suburb. He gave it to me on our trip down to see my biological grandpa. He had a Team challenge to keep all the cops in shape. Shooting, martial arts, football, and so on. He got first. And on my birthday, he could have kept it, but he  gave it to me. I am rich beyond measure.

In Loving Memory of SGT Adam J Bosley
Sunrise-July 18,1980

Sunset- August 19, 2009

Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Word Story

Sacrificing yourself, for someone to live.

In loving memory of SGT ADAM J BOSLEY.