Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Today, we were artists! It is dot day!! The dot has nothing to do with anything school related. It shows my characteristics

Friday, September 12, 2014

Matthew Wilson
2nd Period
My Unforgettable School Day

Right here in Nebraska, around 200 deaths occur every year. Over 16,000 more are injured. My family almost made up five extreme deaths in 2011. Right now, as we speak, the rate for deaths and injuries are increasing.
It was a regular school morning, everything was the same as any other cold February day. We were on our way to school. If I can remember right, we were on time. One second, I looked over, and I saw a semi truck. It was coming up on an intersection. I only got a brief glimpse. We figured it would stop as the signs say. But he didn’t.
Thats when the Freightliner hit us. Ugly trucks they are. He had not stopped at his stop sign, and T-Boned us(smashed us from the side). The impact was so hard that it threw us sixty-eight feet into the ditch. I must’ve went into shock, because when I opened my eyes, people were already surrounded the car. The reason that our vehicle didn't roll was because of the snow. But when my eyes opened, everyone was screaming and yelling,”Call 911!!!!!”
Ambulances rushed us straight to the E.R. My baby brother, my dad, who had just gotten there as soon as the ambulances did, rode in the Page unit. They gave him a new pacifier, and I got a Curious George stuffed monkey. My other brother, my sister, and my mom, rode with the O’Neill Ambulances. I had a bloody nose, and a huge bump on my forehead. My seven month old baby brother just had a bump on his head. My mom had several broken ribs! My five year old sister had around thirteen stitches on her face. My three year old brother had a broken left arm. I remember that once the doctors said I was fine, and cleaned me up, they said I could go see my other family. 

My family, including my dad, who has also been in an accident, are lucky to be alive. Want to know how? I’ll give you two guesses. If you said Seat Belts, you were mostly correct. The other part was safe driving. Seat Belts SAVE  LIVES!!!!! That was my unforgettable school day. Well, sort of!