Monday, November 24, 2014



You may see nothing. Nothing is guaranteed, but, if we can continuously STRIVE ourselves to be great people, maybe, just maybe, we can someday meet our maximum potential. –Ameer Abdullah

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

Matthew W
2nd Period

American Freedom
I remember seeing that casket.  The casket that held my uncle. The casket that was being lowered into the ground to where I would never see my uncle until I died. That is the cost of freedom. Freedom is shown by my brave uncle, who paid the ultimate price so we could be free, freedom is not free and also, say thank you to the soldiers.
My uncle paid the price, so we could be free. His name was SGT Adam J. Bosley. He was an Iraq veteran. His service in Iraq added up to three tours of duty. He was a United States Marine, and was preparing for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He died just a few miles away from base camp. 
“Freedom is not free.” Freedom is everything to us. Choosing your church, freedom of speech, and going to school where we want. We are very lucky to be free.It’s all because of the men and women risking their lives for us, so we can do those things like choosing our church and school, and so on. There will be lives lost in the present and coming wars, but, as said, Freedom is not free.
Say thank you to any soldier you see! A retired veteran, present troop, have and are risking their lives for us. Troops coming home have the hardest time. Especially the ones coming home from a major war. Seeing their brothers/friends getting killed is one of the hardest things in the world. They are one of the top stats of suicide. Mostly because of things that happened over seas or in war. So please, say thank you to every veteran you see!

So as said before, freedom is shown by my uncle paying the price so we could be free. Freedom is not free, and saying thank you to all soldiers and veterans. Our people are out there dying and risking their lives, so we could be free. So please, don't take it for granted.