Friday, February 20, 2015

College Essay

College Essay
By Matt W.
College Essay

Many Marines go to college and play football after leaving the Marine Corps. But, only some go on and play in NFL. Someday, I want to add one number to that amount. College will help me with almost anything in the Marines. It may also be useful in the Football/Sports career. It will also help me in every day life. 

This first chapter is going to be about The Goals in My Future. I have many goals in my future. But among the top three are Football and The Marine Corps. In JR High football, I played many positions. But my favorite positions are KR, QB, and WR. That is one of my goals for football. I want to be one of those three positions. Some other goals that I have for football are: to be a starter. This means a lot because then I will get to play more, and the NFL Combine Prospects will see me play more and I could be in for some good money. Another goal is to be on TV and to be really good. But perhaps my biggest goal in football is to go to the NFL. I don’t care what team, what position, I just want to play. Now for the Marine Corps goals. The first goal is to beat Boot Camp, and after that, Basic Training. But the first step in becoming a Marine is next. Earning my Crucible. That is when you pass all the drills in becoming a Marine, and making a ten mile hike back to base camp. That is when you are awarded with the Crucible, and are considered a United States Marine. Of the last goals, they are to be a sniper, a missile man, and to not die. Those are the goals for my future. 

This second chapter is going to be about how college will help me reach my goals. First, how college will help me in the Marines. College will help me in just about everything in the Marines. From bullet trajectory to calculating angles and figuring out time without a watch. First, bullet trajectory. This will mainly help for being a sniper. Shooting long distances and tough shots they are. Bullet trajectory is how much your bullet will drop or stay level. Gravity is going to pull your bullet down, but the mass of the bullet also can pull it down. So you have to know where to put your cross hairs. Finding the time, is very key. You might have to know what time it is for extraction. College could help me in football too! It can help me a lot actually. The high school and elementary teachers are not as hard on you as a college professor will be. By them being hard on us, it can prepare us for a hard coach, or a hard drill instructor. College will also help people become more of a team player. By interacting with all of the other students and players, you will realize to not put yourself first. That is how a College education will help me in the Marines and in football.

Many people wouldn't realize this, but most of the reason I have those certain likes and goals, are because of the people that inspire me. But I have narrowed it down to two. First off, is my uncle SGT. Adam J. Bosley. He went to college, and then he moved to Florida to do Electrical work. But after 9/11, he joined the Marine Corps. He died in 2009. He taught me bravery, and honesty. I am proud to call him my uncle. My next inspiration is Ameer Abdullah. He is an outstanding player. But he isn't just good. He is a good person, and a team player. And some day, I want to be just like him. Those are some of the people that inspire me. 

“Life is bigger than football and education is a huge part of that.” Quote by Ameer Abdullah. There are many reasons I could want to go to college. To be a Marine Biologist, or maybe a Photographer. But instead, I want to join the Marines, and play college and NFL football. And that is why I want to go to college, the goals for my future, how education will help me reach my goals, and the people that inspire me. Think positive, and be positive. Thats why I want to go to college.