Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

Matt W.

My Inspiration
Have you ever wondered if there was one person on Earth with all the same digits for a birthdate? That person could be my dad. He was born on July 7, 1977(7-7-77). My dad is my inspiration. And that is what this project is all about: My dads childhood sports, education, how education helps, and his life after college.
This paragraph is going to be about my dads childhood sports and education. My dad played many sports. They included soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and track. Football was by far his favorite. In soccer he usually played forward because he was always the fastest. In baseball, he played all the positions. In basketball, it was the same thing. He played just about all positions. He also played many football positions too. They are HB, FB, TE, WR, DB, LB, and on some occasions KR. He says that track was probably his second favorite sport. His normal events were Shot put, Discus, the 4x1 relay and sometimes he would do the 200 meter dash and Triple jump as well. Some of his biggest rivals in the shot put and discus were our cousin Danny Peed, and former Husker special teams star Matt Ickes. His brother Adam Ickes started at OLB. My dad went to various schools. He went to country schools, and a lot of them. He went to Ewing, Niobrara, and finally Graduated his High School years at Lynch high school in 1995. And that is all for my dads childhood sports and his education.
Now I will tell you about How Education helped my dads life. My dad graduated from Lynch in 1995. He worked for a year to save up enough money for college. After that year was up and he had saved up enough money, he enrolled at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. He was also on the basketball team. He says that college helped him by learning to plan ahead, set a schedule, and helps achieve goals better. College also helped him in his trucking company by learning accounting, business management, and hard work. And that is a few things that helped my dad in life.
Finally, I will tell you about my dads overall life. He was born in Houston as I have already said. Then his parents divorced. Then his mom got remarried to a great guy named Kevin Wilson. Then my dad graduated, and went to college. My mom and dad met in a restaurant  where my mom was working. Then they did all that dating stuff and proposal stuff. Then they were married in 2002. Then I came along! After me, my mom had a miscarriage, then Hope, Luke and then Adam or AJ. In 2009, My uncle, SGT Adam J Bosley died in a motorcycle wreck. Then in 2011, our family, except my dad who was working, got in a terrible car accident were we all ended up in the hospital. My dad once told me,” Take nothing in life for granted, because it can all be taken away from you in the blink of an eye.” And he was nothing but right. My dad also told me,” live for today, plan for tomorrow, and love people every day and mean it. My dad is now 37, and my mom is 35. And that is just some of my dads life!
That was my inspiration. Brave, honest, hard-working, athletic… My dad. He is my inspiration and I don't think I’ll ever have a better one! That is my inspiration! Who will your Inspiration be?

By Matt W.

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