Thursday, April 2, 2015

Washington D.C.

“Where in the World”
Matt W.
2nd Period

                           Washington D.C.
     Have you ever thought about going to Washington D.C? But then you think,”No, too much money, especially for the plane tickets and taxi, and what am I going to do in Washington D.C. anyway? Well, I will tell you,”whats to do!” And that means you should put your phone down, and stop texting your girlfriend, and get to reading!

First off, the Marine Corps War Memorial. This amazing memorial of American history is in the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery. It honors all United States Marines who have died since 1775, the year of the Marine Corps establishment. The monument shows five Marines and one Navy sailor. The Marines are: SGT Michael Strank, CPL Harlon Block, PFC Rene Gagon, PFC Ira Hayes, and PFC Franklin Sousley. The Sailor’s name is Pharmacist Mate Second Class John Bradley. It portrays the soldiers raising the American Flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII. This statue is made of mostly Bronze and some other metals that I don't know what they are. This statue was made and designed by Horace W. Pealee. And that is all I will tell you about the Marine Corps War Memorial.

Now, Arlington National Cemetery. The Marine Corps War Memorial is at the entrance of the cemetery. All cemeteries are special. Mostly every cemetery has a buried veteran. But this one is even more special. It holds veterans and only veterans. But there are a few exceptions. It also contains the bodies of President William Taft, and most of the Kennedy family. The cemetery is located north of Washington Monument. Some interesting facts of Arlington National Cemetery. First, it is located on the confiscated estates of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Arlington is the only national cemetery to hold servicemen from every war in U.S. history. Lastly, did you know that three World War II enemy combatants are buried at Arlington National Cemetery? Neither did I! Thanks for tuning in on Arlington National Cemetery. 

Last but certainly not least, Lincoln Memorial. Some people call this “Majestic.” It was built in 1922 by Henry Bacon in the style of Greek temples. The piece of art started to be constructed in 1914. It is said that Abrahams head is to be bowed in thought or prayer. Did you know, that Martin Luthor King Jr. spoke his famous,” I have a dream” there? I did. Did you know that the statue itself is 99 feet tall? Did you know that around 3,638,806 people visit this every year? On the back of Lincoln’s statue, it says,"IN THIS TEMPLE AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS ENSHRINED FOREVER.” That is all for Lincoln Memorial.

Now do you want to go Washington D.C? I thought so. But, so do I. That is all for my essay on “Where in the World” on Washington D.C!

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